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AG Hair Cosmetics


We pride ourselves on our meticulous selection of natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on hair but that they also deliver results. If we don’t believe in the integrity of the ingredient, simply put, we won’t use it. Which is why we leave out common ingredients like salt, paba, parabens and DEA. 


Hair care and innovation are our passions. With 25 years of experience, we understand the complexity and intricacies of different hair types and  AG labs are constantly researching new solutions that both work and are good for your hair.


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Brentwood Bay Buzz


This is a community Facebook page about beautiful Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. It is a place to share photos, promote events, advertise your business or services, and see what's happening in our great little community, and the surrounding peninsula!

Tristan Thompson

Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Model & Actor


A 17 year old Victoria, BC, native, convinced his family at a very young age that he was born to be a performer. Music and dance consumed his life as if nothing else mattered. Drawn to acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson, he sang his lungs out to their tunes as a toddler or could be found playing drums on anything he could find. He took this fascination even to the point of becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator busking in downtown Victoria. Chatter Records released Tristanʼs debut L.P. album “Here For You” in 2014 and the first Single “Tidal Wave” took radio by storm. Tristan’s second Canadian Single, “Burn Again”, received airplay on well over 100 stations across Canada.

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Victoria Ballroom Dance Society


We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it! … Have fun with friends while you exercise your body and your hippocampus.  Dancing is the ultimate sport in which everyone can participate.

Victoria Ballroom Dance Society offers a variety of classes and workshops, from absolutebeginner, to bronze, silver and gold level so whatever your age, whether you are new to ballroom, or returning to the dance floor, you will have fun dancing, learning and making new friends. 

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Healthwise Exercise with Suzanne Andrews


Suzanne Andrews is a licensed Occupational Therapy Clinician with 30 years exercise expertise. She has contributed to numerous books, major magazines, and written over 200 peer reviewed health and wellness articles for midlife to older adults. With her motto, “as far as fitness DVDs go, one size does not fit all” Suzanne designs two to three fitness levels in every program so you move at the pace that's right for you. With an emphasis on exercises to decrease arthritis pain, increase bone strength and boost your heart and lung power, she says, “As a grandmother of three, I believe age is not a disease. With Functional Fitness, one day longer really is one day stronger!”

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West Coast Greetings


West Coast Greeting Cards of Victoria, BC, Canada!

OUR MISSION: To provide high quality cards that are unique and truly reflect life on the west coast, while supporting the local economy with jobs.

  • LOCAL SCENES: We try to capture scenes that reflect the beauty and diversity of our island home and also the humourous side of life with domestic and farm animals

  • LOCALLY PRINTED: All of our cards are printed locally therefore keeping jobs in this area.

  • LOCAL MANUFACTURING: Our cardstands are manufactured locally therefore keeping jobs in this area.